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A Year of Growing - JUMBLED Calendar 2024

I’ve been keeping a lid on a special project with Jumbled, but the cat is out of the bag and PREORDERS are open!

For the first time Jumbled has launched a wall calendar featuring 12 Jumbled artists who have each created artworks inspired by the birth flowers for each month.

This was super fun and also a bit challenging as florals are not my forte.

I was asked to do Chrysanthemum the birth flower for November and because I adore ‘Mums’ so much I just couldn’t refuse and gave it a crack with lashings of artistic license.

I called my painting ‘Mums at Nixon Street’ after a favourite photo of my husband and daughter taken a long time ago.

Thanks to the ace design skills of @jestinyschild for sprinkling her magic on this project. Chuffed to be a part of this beautiful creative bunch xx


All original artworks made for the calendar will be going on sale at 7pm Wednesday 25th October via the Jumbled website.

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