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Challenge Accepted!!!

Now I do love a challenge but when asked if I could paint this beautiful vase of flowers by Come by Chance Flower Company against the gorgeous and very detailed backdrop at Jumbled HQ there was definitely a moment of doubt/mild panic - You see I don’t paint ‘from life’ or photos or anything that’s remotely real looking!

But when I found out where the money raised would be going I thought what the heck I will just use a fair bit of creative license.......CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!

This really is a cause to get behind.

Pip and Jess at Jumbled Online and the fabulous Kate Quinn have rallied the art gang for a team effort to raise money for Dangerous Females, these fearless feminists fundraise tirelessly for domestic violence services across the country.

This very special exhibition is launching this Sunday night 18th of April with 100% of the sales going directly to the remarkable women at Dangerous Females. Please follow and support this cause, as it’s needed more than ever.

My piece pictured here in the studio before being sent off....

Acrylic on canvas box framed in Ash
53 x 53 cm

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